Protein Paks are a great source of nutrition for the entire family.   Combine with vegetarian or meat dishes to ensure your daily protein and essential Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acid requirements with out the concern of herbicides, hormones, GMOs or toxic food sources. 
Clean protein leads to healthy and happy lives.

P-Paks augment meals
Reg Pak
sold by dozen
Protein Pak's Reg Pak is our standard biscuit for daily protein and meal replacements.  $1.00/each wholesale. (see menu below)
P-Paks Coconut Crown
Coconut Crowns
sold by dozen
Reg Pak topped with organic coconut baked into the Pak.  $1.00/each wholesale.  (see menu below)
Ginger Snap cookie
Cookie Snaps
sold by dozen
A ginger snap cookie with same Reg Pak protein nutrition.  $1.00/each wholesale.  (see menu below)
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Healhy nutrition for everyone!
Inexpensive Nutrition
The P-PAK subscription products available are:
1.) P-PAK biscuits (3 flavors).
2.) P-PAK smoothie mix.   Contact us for quotes based on your specific needs.
"P-Paks really knock out my inflammation and make me feel better after eating”."
Jeanne B. (86 yrs) Retired 
"I'm not hungry after eating P-Paks"
Ashley T. (35 yrs) Client Services Coordinator
"Green is good! I ate the ginger snaps and was in love"
Jane A. (42 yrs) Entrepreneur
"I finally got the holistic protein nutrition I’ve been searching for.”
Jason F. (53 yrs) Entertainment professional
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Organic protein rich meals

P-PAK balanced vegetarian meal

Barbisco's Protein Pak (P-Pak) is a new, super-healthy and organic food protein product that augments your nutritional diet and can also serve as a daily meal replacement. High quality organic plant based combinations that meet daily protein, omega fatty acids, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, zinc and digestive system-friendly dietary fiber requirements.   With the proper lectin-free ingredients and food combining science, these products help you to feel good, be alert and stay satisfied all day long.  Paks are made with NO lectins, gluten, dairy, wheat, corn, soy, peas, nuts, eggs, non-GMO. 100% Plant Protein.  Vegetarian-Vegan friendly.

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Regular Protein Pak (RegPak): A special biscuit mix made with organic ingredients,  including hemp seed protein powder, spirulina and flax. Protein Paks are made with non-lectin plant protein, ginger, coconut milk and flour, water, mix and ginko balboa. This product offers a unique and satisfying protein infusion for the body. Great for meal supplement or meal replacement.  RegPak biscuit singles ($1.00) and by the dozen ($12.00) + S&H or delivery fees.

Reg Pak biscuits

Cookie Snaps: Cookies made with the same basic protein ingredients as the Regular Pak but with more coconut flower and a pokey ginger snap taste. These yummy and healthy snacks are smaller than the Reg Paks and great for snacking between meals. Two cookies ($1.00) or twenty cookies ($12.00) + S&H or delivery fees

Ginger Snap cookie

Coconut Crown: This colorful biscuit is a Regular Pak with fresh organic raw coconut baked into the center of the Pak. It is a colorful and delicious treat for meals and dessert trays. This can be a fun and satisfying combination for the entire family. Coconut Crown biscuit singles ($1.00) and by the dozen ($12.00) + S&H or delivery fees

P-Pak Coconut Crowns


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